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Re-launch of YFC NZ - Samoa YFC Alumni NZ




By Nifo Tofi,  YFC NZ Board member

The Samoa YFC Alumni NZ picked a team to oversee the development of a potential re-launch of YFC NZ, after the motion was passed in the March 2014 meeting of the Samoa YFC NZ Alumni.

The Alumni were praying for direction as how to go about starting a YFC in NZ.  Therefore, the Alumni continued to discuss this, but had no direction on how to go about this. The chairperson suggested it was best to have a team to handle this process.  Ps Rolani was picked as a leader for this process

From March to April 2014 development meetings started. One option for a Samoa YFC branch  within NZ FOR Samoan youth, surfaced in the meetings. At the end, after fact finding communication with YFC International, most of the forum agreed in a vote to start a YFC NZ for all NZ youth.

After that agreement, an arranged meeting with Alumni, and Ps Douglas, who was based in Christchurch,  took place in July 2014 to explore the possibility of relaunching YFCNZ. Ps Douglas and his wife Alison, contacts and involvement with YFC went back to 1973 in New Zealand. Ps Douglas also had concerns over the demise of the YFC ministry within NZ, and raised this with Pastor Tavale. The Lord led all parties together on this.

Further Alumni meetings and prayer meetings followed after this. Sacrificing time and money they do not have. The Alumni members had a lot of travel time rushing from work to West and South from one church to another for prayer meetings regarding this.  

They were tested in so many ways not only in their faith but relationships. Alumni lost members and friends along the way and at the same time gained support from different churches of Alumni, opening their doors for prayers and meetings. 

The Alumni, with Ps Douglas, and Pastor Tavale, meet with YFC International delegates David Ponano and Conrad Parsons, on the 20th December 2014 at the Word of Life Church in Henderson, Auckland. YFCNZ was re-formed and declared a member of YFCI on the 19th December 2014. The Board and Chairperson were also elected.

Ps Tavale was invited to become a Patron of the new YFC NZ.